tisdag 17 november 2015

Beta releasedate!


The testing period for the Hotline Miami 2 level editor with Testronic is over and we are very happy with the results! There were tons of bugs found and fixed so the core of the editor feels very stable now. While the cut-scene creator and campaign editor still have some nasty bugs, Jonatan and Abstraction are going to take care of them soon and get those features all smoothed out as well.

So without any further delay we're excited to announce:


We've added some extra time just to make sure that the date won't be pushed anymore. Thursday the 10th of December is the day. More details soon!

Some important information:

1. The beta is on STEAM ONLY. The forum makes it easier to gather bugs and the automatic update makes sure everyone is playing the correct version.

2. The beta is WINDOWS ONLY for now. The editor will support Mac and Linux later on. No editor for PS3, PS4 or Vita.

3. WORKSHOP IS NOT AVAILABLE AT THE BEGINNING but will be added later. Levels can be shared locally by sending the level folders around.

4. EVERYONE CAN GET ACCESS TO THE BETA WITHOUT INVITE! So we don't need your Steam information or anything, you do this yourself when it's available. More info on how you do that on release date.

5. ALL CONTENT IS AVAILABLE FROM THE START (some minor features will be added later).

6. NO PROMISES THAT LEVELS MADE IN THE BETA WILL CARRY OVER TO THE FINAL VERSION. Things will change during the course of the beta as we fix and update the code, so no promises that levels will stay the same or survive the whole trip.

7.THE PLAN IS TO HAVE THE BETA OPEN DURING DECEMBER TILL EARLY JANUARY and then have final version out shortly after that.

8. NO CUSTOM MUSIC EDITOR. If we let people get free music when they download levels we are viewed as a illegal file sharing tool. There is also impossible to make sure that if people added a track that the artist of that track is cool with the fact that he/she/they are in HLM.

9. NO CUSTOM SPRITE EDITOR from us but other people have already created their own and they work great:)

10. The plan is to have VIDEO TUTORIALS up before the 10th (or quite soon after) but I think you will figure out most of it without our help ;)


Take care // Dennis

tisdag 3 november 2015

Editor Update: QA session

Hey everyone!

So here comes a small update on the editor.

For the last two weeks the editor has been in proper QA session with Testtronic. They have done a solid job which lead to us having quite a lot of bugs to fix. There were more than we had hoped for but glad we found them now so they are fixed till you get to play with it.
The bugs we found are not only small mistakes but a lot of stuff that keeps crashing the game or fucking with performance. Stuff like that is never fun for a beta, I mean it should be as stable as possible.

The testing will continue for two more weeks and we +Abstraction will keep fixing bugs and errors that are discovered.

Sadly this means you'll have to wait a bit longer... I know, I know. Making an editor was a bigger task than we could have ever imagined and it feels terrible that we have pushed the release date so many times now. We are sorry for that and we apologize that the time frame turned out to be unrealistic.  But in the end and what is most important for us is that we make sure that the tool we release is something we can stand for and be proud of.

The editor is not canceled, it's not dead, it's not too big of a project to complete.. it's just not quite were it needs to be. But it will be!:)

I hope you can understand! I will have a new update for you in two weeks when the testing is over!

Thanks for sticking with us and for being exited about the editor! It helps when it's been straight uphill for a quite a while now!

Peace // Dennis