måndag 3 november 2014


So this blog has been dead for a while, which is sad cause we really liked to share our thoughts and behind the scene discussions about our games. The reason that we haven't used this forum as much as we would have liked  is simply that HLM2 has taken up pretty much all our time so we had to compromise. Still we would like to be more active here so I am gonna do a first try to jump start this blog again with some old stuff I forgot to publish waaaaay back in 2013 (felt simple enough for a first post:)
The growing interest for the cameos in HOTLINE MIAMI inspired me to create these CAMEO CARDS. Instead of just namedropping all the people appearing in the game I thought this was a much more fun way to do it and being a hockey card horder when I was a kid I can't but love collectible cards! Included is all the musicians contributing with their awesome music, all the mask cameos and the arcade machines

These might be printed in the future and I might also do the cards for HLM2..but no promises!

peace // D