torsdag 17 september 2015

The Editor's final code submitted for port and testing

Hey everyone!

Just some quick and exciting news! So we have now a final code for the editor with all content complete. In the coming weeks Abstraction will merge it with the main game and their engine, get it ready for Steamworks and of course fix as many bugs as possible before we hand it over to all of you!

And when do we hand it over? Weeeeell If all goes as plan we will be able to offer those who are interested access to a beta editor late next month! FUCK YEAH! Finally you say:)

More info as soon as we have anything to share!

Thanks for your patience and Have a great weekend!

//D.W and Cactus


There are a handful of features that won't be in the beta, but will be added in a future update. These include:

- No rewind/fast forward screen
- No off screen floor transitions (like in No Mercy or the soldier levels)
- Creating optional cutscene content
- Probably something more, hopefully nothing important

PS. No need to post your Steam accounts in the comments