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Hotline Miami 2 Level Editor

Jonatan here, I figured I should write a little post about the level editor we're working on for HLM2. It's pretty close to completion, so I wanted to show off some of the features it's got, and maybe get some feedback in case I have forgotten to add something crucial.

Upon starting the editor, the first thing you will see is the Level Options. Here you choose what character you want to design the level for, as well as specifying music and whether the level is a cutscene or not. Enabling cutscene editing means you won't be able to place any enemies. You also get a preview of what enemies are available for the player character you've chosen. Sadly most characters are only able to fight one or two different factions, enabling them to fight all enemies would mean a ton of work for Dennis and the editor would likely take at least another four to six months to finish. 
After setting up the basics of the level, you start building. You have bunch of different tilesets to choose from to create the levels flooring, and you can choose to encapsulate the patches of floor you place using the tools below the floor preview. You are also able to use flood fill and the sample tool to easily find what color and sprite sheet a specific tile have.

You also have the option of placing walls, doors and windows independently.

Once you're done with your basic layout, it's time to add furniture and other objects. Since there are tons of assets in the game, we decided to add a search function for this. Basically if you want to add a bed, you enter the search term "bed" and the list will be narrowed down to all the sprites that has the word "bed" in their name. A lot of the sprites have a subset of variations within the sprite, and you can easily browse and choose one with the buttons near the bottom of the screen.

After furnishing your level it's time to place enemies. This is very straight forward, simply select the enemy you want to place and click the spot you want to place it in. There are several different types of enemies, with slightly different behaviors and weapons to choose from. 


When you're done furnishing your level and have added your enemies you need to place your player character and its escape vehicle in order to be able to play the level. You do this under the Level tab. If you're making a stand alone level that is not part of a campaign you can also add a VHS cover for your level as well as enter the name of the level designer.

This is also where you place floor transitions, which are objects that allows the player to move between floors of a level.

If your level is meant to be a part of a campaign, you can use the campaign editor to string together a bunch of levels with optional intros and outros, as well as add credits if you're a team of designers. Here you also have the option to add a VHS cover for a group of levels (intro, main level, and outro). The intros and outros are not required to be cutscenes, but are named after how the structure in the main campaign works.

So if you want to add cutscenes to your levels, you first have to click the cutscene checkbox in the Level Options dialogue (see first image) in order to get access to the Cutscene Editor. The Cutscene Editor was a challenge to design, and the structure I came up with is slightly more complex than the regular editor.

The workflow consists of adding triggers, then adding frames to which you can attach actions.
The trigger can be an area which triggers the cutscene if entered, there's also character based triggers so that you can for instance create characters which can be talked to if clicked or approached.
Once a trigger is set you can start adding frames. A frame is basically a container for different actions that you want to play simultaneously. Let's say you for instance want a bunch of NPCs to approach the player when the cutscene is triggered, and then start talking to him. To do this you create a frame where the characters walk toward the player, once all the characters have reached their end positions the cutscene will move onto the next frame where you add the dialogue action. After this you can add a stop sequence action which will allow the player to start moving again once the dialogue is done.

You can add multi-step cutscenes by specifying a new trigger after the first sequence has been executed, followed by more frames and actions.

Now, I'd like to make sure people know what they're getting before we release the editor, so that people won't be too disappointed by some of the restrictions we've had to make. So here's a list of things I know people won't be too happy about.

-Not all enemies will be available for all characters, in fact most characters are only able to fight one or two different factions.

-The cutscene editor is not super flexible, you won't be able to freely move or remove actions and frames. Basically you have to create each frame and action in an absolute order. Clicking any of the remove buttons will remove the latest action/frame/trigger. So let's say that you have created ten frames with three actions each, and you find an error in the first frame, then you are basically screwed and have to delete all frames and actions up to that point. 

Triggers are semi-independent of the frames, so you will be able to change the last placed trigger at any time until you add a stop sequence action. If you have several triggers you will not be able to go back and change the first one without deleting all the frames up until that point.

-Adding custom graphics for player/enemy sprites is something we're looking into, but if at all possible it will not be available upon launch.

-You will not be able to use your own music for the levels, this would be too problematic due to the likeliness of copyright infringements, sorry. The music from the first game will likely not be available either due to the fact that we only licensed the songs for one game.

-You will not be able to create levels that has both cutscene content and enemies, due to endless possibilities of game breaking bugs.

-Currently you need to save your level before testing it, or any changes since you last saved it will be lost. I'm definitely gonna try my hardest to see if I can fix this before release, as it is a major inconvenience.

-There will likely be no online highscore boards for user created levels.

Note: We will talk to Abstraction Games when they begin porting the editor to see if they can do anything about these issues.

And finally, here's a preliminary index of all functions/menu options. If you see a crucial feature missing that I haven't already addressed in the text above, please let me know in the comment feel so I have a chance of adding it before release (if possible).

Top menu:

  -New Level
  -Save Level
  -Load Level
  -Play Level
  -Create Campaign
  -Clear Walls
  -Clear Tiles
  -Clear Objects
  -Clear Characters
  -Delete Floor
  -New Floor
  -Next Floor
  -Previous Floor
  -Create Cutscene
  -Level Settings
  -Editor Settings (*)
  -Show Grid
  -Check Content (check if the level is playable)

Level Tab
  -Place player
  -Place vehicle
  -Place floor transition
  -Add VHS cover
  -Add author info
  -Various mouse and keyboard commands (see image #1)

Enemy Tab
  -Place enemies
  -Select between enemies/factions
  -Choose what weapon enemy has
  -Various mouse and keyboard commands (see image #4)

Items Tab
  -Search field for finding an object to place
  -A list of available objects to place based on keyword entered
  -Preview window
  -Buttons for browsing/choosing a variation of the object's sprite
  -Various mouse and keyboard commands (see image #3)

Build Tab
  -Preview window for the currently selected tile
  -Checkboxes for selecting between tilesets
  -Tile selector for selecting a specific tile within a tileset
  -Capsule button for capsuling a set of tiles with the currently selected wall type
  -Sample button for sampling an already placed tile in the level
  -Flood fill button for replacing a set of tiles with the currently selected tile
  -Wall selector
  -Capsule wall button for drawing a rectangle of walls (a room for instance)
  -Various mouse and keyboard commands (see image #2)

Cutscene Editor Actions
  -Add dialogue
    -Choose what character should be in focus for each line
    -Select what face should be displayed during each line
  -Play sound
  -Play music
  -Stop music
    -Select whether to fade out or stop immediately
  -Stop sequence
    -Select whether this is the end of the cutscene or not
  -Next level
    -Option to choose how fast the level will fade out

Cutscene Character Actions
  -Walk to
    -Here you can create a path with up to six waypoints the selected character will follow
    -Select walking speed (normal/fast/slow)
    -Option to redraw the path
  -Change sprite
    -Select from a list of different sprites
  -Animate sprite
    -Choose if the animation should loop
    -Choose if the animation should pause for a specified amount of time between loops
    -Make the character attack using the currently held weapon (only works for specific sprites)
    -The NPCs will automatically die if hit by a bullet or an attack, but you can also manually make 
     them die if you should so wish (only works for specific sprites)
    -You can make a character trigger the cutscene using this, either by proximity to the player or if
     the player clicks while close. You can also choose the required distance for the cutscene to be 
     -A character that is referenced to in any added action will not be deletable until the action is 

Cutscene Frame Tab
   -Add trigger
     -Draw an area which if entered will trigger the current sequence of the cutscene
   -Add frame
     -Adds a new frame to the cutscene
   -Add Action
     -Brings up a menu where you can choose from the different cutscene actions
   -Frame focus
     -Select what character should have camera focus for the current frame
   -Cutscene preview list
     -Displays all the frames and actions you've added
   -Delete Trigger
     -Deletes the trigger set for the current sequence
   -Delete Frame
     -Deletes the current frame and all of its actions
   -Delete Action
     -Deletes the last action added

Cutscene NPC Tab

    -Enter a name for your NPC that will be used to reference it
    -Choose a sprite for your NPC
   -All Sprites checkbox
    -If you want to add a non-human interactable
    -If checked the player will not be able to move through the NPC
    -Select whether the NPC should die from player attacks or not (only applies to certain sprites)

Items to pick up (not fully implemented)
  -Name (?)
   -Enter a name for your item that will be used to reference it
  -Visible checkbox
   -In case you want an item to appear at a certain point
   -If the player should be able to pick it up right away or later
   -If you want the player to have to pick up the item in order to clear the cutscene

UPDATE1: The Gun Tab in the Level Editor wasn't omitted here because there is some secret to it (we haven't added ALL the weapons from the first game, just a select few),but rather it seems a bit useless as it should be able to fit under the Enemy or Level tab and will likely be removed before release. Also, while you will be able to use the dodging enemies, we will probably skip the prisoners for now as the only character that can fight them is the prisoner/guard version of The Rat.

UPDATE2: Thanks for all the feedback! I've added a couple of features on my to do list. You will now be able to add some environmental effects, like rain, darkness or sunshine to your levels, and I almost forgot the elevators. The limitation for no cutscenes in a level with enemies has been removed, as I figured out a couple of ways to go around it. I'm also going to look at the possibility for creating levels for specific masks/fans as that would indeed be cool to see.

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  1. Cant wait, although i am disappointed that all characters cant fight all enemies, i wanted the fans to break out jacket

    1. Dennis has to hand draw all of the sprites for the characters interacting with each enemy type. The players are separated in to halves. Top section containing arms, head and torso. And a bottom section, containing just the legs. So they walk nicely as the top can spin nicely, of course. But let's say you go up to a bad guy and kick his head in against a wall. That's goes in to a separate sprite/animation containing all of the frames of the player kicking the bad guy. If the player could fight ANY bad guy, Dennis would have to draw all of the animations for all of the players interacting with every NPC and that would be insanely hard. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure thats how the game works!

    2. Well, I'm not sure if hard is the right word but it would be really time consuming and probably boring after a while haha!

  2. You guys did a great job with this, seriously. While the limitations do suck people will inevitably find ways to make their level ideas work out somehow. The only thing left has gotta be a sprite editor for custom playable characters, enemies, objects, and cutscene npcs.

  3. Will there be civillian NPCs that you can put in a level and kill? Kind of like in the first game when biker kills the people in Phone Hom?

    Otherwise, this looks amazing. I'm very excited for this. I'm a big fan of both games. I think it's incredible that a two-man team made it, and I admire you giving the editor to the fans. I'll be playing around with this on PS4 for a long time. Best of luck with your future projects.

    1. The way the editor works now, NPCs won't be available on levels with enemies. And most likely the editor will not be available on PS4, though we're looking into releasing packs of levels from the community on the console versions.

  4. Hey, will you be able to restrict a certain move-set/character? Basically making it so if you're playing Jake, you can make it so you can only use the Dallas mask, or if you're playing as the fans, you can only use Corey, or something like that? Also, you said that the Hotline Miami 1 music will not be available in the editor, will you be able to atleast bring a few tracks back, such as perturbator ones?

    1. Also, I wanted to ask something else. You've said there won't be a sprite editor at launch, and since lots of people will be making levels involving "The Fans" at launch, could you create face sprites for each of them in cut-scenes? As Alex is the only one with a face sprite for cut-scenes.

    2. Also, since you're able to create cutscenes and place npc's for cutscenes, will you be able to place notes that you can read? Like in Jacket's apartment in HM1.

    3. 1) No, as it is now you will not be able to pre-select a mask/fan, though I might look into it.
      2) We'll see if we can include any music from the first game, but preliminary it's a no.
      3) I'll talk to Dennis about it!
      4) Yes, not sure about the exact notes from HM1, but you will be able to create items that will trigger dialogue.

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  6. So, the level editor looks AMAZING so far, but there's some small feature I think it's missing.

    Remember that awesome Carl comic? Imagine if people could make stories for each of the original Hotline Miami masks using the level editor.

    I'm not saying each mask has to be their own separate character. Instead, maybe when one chooses to make a level for Jacket, they can choose to enable and disable certain masks. So that way, if you wanna make a campaign for Don Juan (for example) you can disable all masks but the Don Juan mask.

    Just a small suggestion. But yea, the level editor looks awesome so far!

    1. Not a bad idea, I'll see if I can implement it.

  7. You should add a "lore friendly" button, that when pressed only makes you place characters during their life span in the game

    1. Haha, I think it will have to be up to the level designers to look into dates and lifespans.

  8. Would it be difficult to allow different characters to use different vehicles or non at all(so you just need to leave the building)? Biker's biker is out of the question but after looking at the cars it seems feasible.

    Would be pretty cool to have Manny in a monster truck or Jake coming out of the van.

    1. I think some of the vehicles may be a bit complicated. I may look into it though.

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  10. 1) "enabling them to fight all enemies would mean a ton of work for Dennis and the editor would likely take at least another four to six months to finish. "
    So is this technically possible? Will you do it in update?
    2) Will we be able to separate levels (scenes) by acts, like in the game?
    3) Why no custom music? Shouldn't custom levels be considered as mods and not being covered by licences?
    That's all I wanted to ask, really excited about editor! Thanks.

    1. 1) It's technically possible of course, but it would require a lot of work. Right now we're feeling a bit burnt out, so it's not anything we have planned at this point.
      2) I might be able to add acts in an update, but currently no.
      3) I haven't read up on copyright laws, but I figure that allowing people to upload copyrighted music with custom levels is a no-no.

  11. One of the character slots is black... (O - O)
    Who could it be?

    1. Maybe PayDay cross-over?

    2. You'll have to wait and see. It's gonna be a surprise.

  12. On what consoles is the editor gonna be?

    1. It looks very doubtful it will be on any console version, just PC/Mac/Linux I believe. We will see if we can publish level packs from the community for the console versions though.

  13. The secret character is The Driver, isn't it?

  14. Will it be available on mac?

    1. I assume so, but I'm not 100% sure.

    2. Thanks, it sounds awesome so far

  15. Hey guys, looking cool so far. Really looking forward to when it's released.

    I was also wondering: would you consider adding the option to include the short sequence shown at the beginning of all the original levels, where a short animation plays displaying the name of the level/scene? Here are a couple screenshots of what I am referring to:

    http://i.imgur.com/jENqMFy.jpg (from Hotline Miami)
    http://i.imgur.com/2KwsSTm.jpg (from Hotline Miami 2)

    It would be especially cool if users were given the option to choose between either the original games animation or that of the sequel. Anyway, I'm not sure how much work this would take to add, but I thought it would be a neat addition to the editor, as it would give player-created levels that much more authenticity and coolness.

    1. In the alpha version of the editor and some IGN video(don't have the link, should be on youtube) it does display the city scrolling animation before a level so all is good on that front.

    2. For now you'll just be able to use the title screens from HM2, might be able to add the screen from the first game in an update. Not sure.

    3. Sweet, thanks for pointing that out bd, and thanks for the reply Jon. Glad to hear it's already a feature. Also pretty stoked to hear the scrolling city animation that plays after completing a level made it in too. Keep up the great work guys!

  16. Nice work, I can't wait to try out the editor. After this, I think you guys need a big break.

  17. Fantastic job with all this cactus, you're hard work is clearly showing! The one thing that I think really needs to be in there, which I don't think I can see on the list, is to be able to choose which animation plays before a level like Matthew Gray suggested and to enter custom text. I think this is the one addition that would round out the package and really let players totally own their own campaigns. Please look into this!

    1. Do you mean city/jungle level title screens? If so, then those will be there yes.

  18. Just remembered few things you didn't seem to mention.
    1) Can we choose intro background for levels? (City, jungle, jungle night, hardmode, that stuff)
    2) Can we make hardmode levels?
    3) Can we trigger that awesome city animation? (This http://i.imgur.com/XZTFd9M.png )
    4) More like a suggestion, but do you plan to do custom .wad support? That would ease the use of custom sprites even before sprite editor is out.
    Thanks for asking previous questions, you're cool.

    1. 1) Yes, that is the plan!
      2) Nope, it seems like an unnecessary amount of work for such a minor thing.
      3) That will happen automatically after completing the outro part of a level.
      4) I have no idea how to do that, but we will ask Abstraction if it's something they can add.

  19. Take a look at all the content under Left 4 Dead 2's workshop's sound tag, there is an insane amount of custom music that is copyrighted and those mods never get taken down. If Valve can do this, why can't Hotline Miami 2?

    1. To add to that point.
      One thing that comes to mind is Warcraft 3 editor.
      It allowed import of custom models, textures and music.
      What does Devolver(publisher, i believe) think about potential licensing issues?

      Hopefully it's all right and you guys will be able to add custom music support from editor's release day or patch it in later.

    2. That sounds strange. I have no idea how Steam handles copyright issues with mods/custom content, I just assumed it would be illegal and prohibited. I'm not sure who to consult on this, custom music would indeed be sweet.

    3. I'm fairly sure it's legal as long as the user doesn't, say, sell the mod.

      I mean, sites like Youtube host lots of music for free, various games have moddable music, etcetera etcetera.

  20. It would be cool to see stationary melee enemies if not already implemented.

  21. those pills the son trips out on, those would be awesome to play with. but i imagine that's probably a pipe dream as they say, i can't begin to imagine how that could be implented at all, besides the tracer effects maybe. looking forward to this a ton!

    1. To achieve the tracer effect we have to make duplicates of all the sprites affected by it and manually remove the outlines, so that's not going to happen, sorry!

  22. Would it be possible for me to make a Death Wish type of level with Jacket while using different masks on each floor?

    1. I'm not sure, I'll see what I can do. Depends on how time consuming it would be to implement.

    2. Understandable, thank you for answering, huge fan, bought both of the special editions! Can't wait to see your future projects!

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  24. How will the save files for levels be represented will they be human readable or editable?

    1. I'm not sure how Abstraction will do it in their port. The system I am making is editable, but not very easy to read.

  25. Will there be a zoom-in & zoom-out system?

    1. Nope, I don't think it would be a necessary feature.

  26. This is very late, but here's some questions

    1. is there a limit to the amount of floors?
    2. will all weapons from the first game that weren't in the first return (Other than Clone Weapons like the Knife, and already present weapons)?
    3. Will Pig Butcher have the ability to use the (Non Dual Wielded) MP5 and go against russkies? (Like in the Wear Something Fancy Trailer) or just the MP5?
    4. Will Jacket be able to use, already present hotline miami 1 in 2 weapons (Like the Magnum, Hammer, MP5, etc)
    5. Will their be Lead Pipe Russians and M16 Policemen?
    6. Will the Alarm object from Assault (Hotline 1) Return?

    1. Also Custom Music, CAN be added as a feature.

      It's protected by "Fair Use"

      "Examples of fair use include commentary, search engines, criticism, parody, news reporting, research, teaching, library archiving and scholarship, along with Non-Profit Use, and Private Use"

      Explain why Rockstar games can have Player Custom Radios and Why Left 4 Dead has also those copyright music mods.

    2. I have an Idea, you could also (if you talk to dennis) Make Wootinator's Jacket face Sprite official: http://imgur.com/a/fAMxX

      Of Course if you wanted too, add his eyes, or make your own version, a lot of people want to see the man behind the mask, and since you've decided to Close the Hotline Miami Story, we should be able too!

    3. 1) Yes, there will be a limit to six floors I think.
      2) No, that's not something we have planned right now at least.
      3) Neither.
      4) There will be a few weapons from HM1 added, but not all of them.
      5) No plans for that either.
      6) Not upon release. If there is a demand for it we might add it later.

    4. Will we also be able to select the size for the level? (Like in GameMaker)

  27. Alright, just remembered more things that I want to make sure of
    1) Will we be able to edit place and time of levels? (The info that is shown on intro clock)
    2) Can we trigger VHS effects? (Stop, rev up, etc)
    3) Can we use the road tileset? (From Henchman's dream and cutscene where Fans fix their van). It wasn't possible in the alpha.

    1. 1) Yes
      2) Hmm, good question. I'll look into how much trouble it would be to add.
      3) There's a lot of tilesets missing in the editor, and the build tab is already quite crowded, I'll try to figure out a solution for it.

    2. 1) what is that black bar is it the Customizable Character or
      2) have you play not a hero
      3) can you remake Super Carnage
      4) Hotline Miami 3?
      5) make new mask
      6) 70 blessings
      7) why the richter mask has no silenced uzi
      8) what is jacket real name
      9) is biker japanese

  28. Hey Cactus, I'll be asking the questions here!

    Question 1: a lot of people think the character is Bunny Lord from Not A Hero, is that true?

    Question 2: Will you be able to make dialogue for each of Jackets masks? The sprites are there but I'm unsure if those sprites are the same. (Sorry for my English)

    Question 3: To narrow down the options, and too feed the hype fire, is the character from any of the HM games?

    Thank you, and tell Dennis I fucking love Fucking Werewolf!

  29. Another Question if you don't mind me asking, will corpse sprites be available for each character? So if we can't just have a character be shot and killed on screen, then can we have them have an off screen death by showing their corpse? Also could it be possible to have more than one Corpse of the same character? Like A body of Jacket in the Carl mask next to a body of Jacket in the Don Juan Mask? Also will there be death scenes available for all of the fans? Cause that would be cool. Sorry that's all, thanks Cactus!

  30. Will you be able to set custom score ratings, like A, B, etc.?

  31. Cactus is there any chance AT ALL that the level editor well come out on ps4 and if not why :{

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  33. How about this face for Jacket?

  34. Will we be able to customize the contents of The Detective's trunk? That was a fun detail in the game and it'd be cool to play with for campaigns centered around Manny.

    Does the player start have to be right next to the escape vehicle, or can it be placed elsewhere in the level?

    And the ever-so-hopeful question: can we play with police responses at all? Like, can we re-create that level in HLM1 where there are sirens early into the second floor and then you have to escape a SWAT raid with a police sniper? Or, is it possible to spawn in police on the ground floor of a multi-story stage waiting in ambush (or create an alternate ground floor that exists from the start but the player doesn't see until the very end)?

    Thanks! Looking forward to it either way.

    1. Would be cool if we could start away from the escape vehicle and have to make our way to the end.

  35. I don't know why, but when I saw that black'd out name, I thought the best character for it's place is the Postal Dude from the POSTAL games.
    'Corse, he isn't it, right?

  36. 1) what is that black bar is it the Customizable Character or
    2) have you play not a hero
    3) can you remake Super Carnage
    4) Hotline Miami 3?
    5) make new mask
    6) 70 blessings
    7) why the richter mask has no silenced uzi
    8) what is jacket real name
    9) is biker japanese

    1. 1) It's a new character
      2) Yes
      3) We did, it's called Hotline Miami now, haha :)
      4) No
      5) Nope
      6) ?
      7) It would have made his levels too easy
      8) No one knows
      9) That's something only Dennis knows, but I doubt it

    2. 1) is it the Customizable Character
      3) ok i know!
      4) I know you are make Hotline Miami 3
      6) lololololololololoololololololol
      7) that will be cool
      9) tell Dennis is biker japanese
      10) who is this guy
      11) hotline miami 1 and 2 is 10/10
      12) why hand mode in apocalypse like nigel

    3. form the son aka i hate he

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  38. Any chances of a mod loader coming with the update? Would be very helpful for us modders :)

    1. I'm not sure how a mod loader works

    2. simply put-- it allows for the player to toggle mods on and off through the game menu

      a good example of this is, say, Civilization V.

      so say, mapX uses custom mods, and the player wants to only use these mods when playing mapX, he'd open up the mods menu, toggle on the mods he wants to play with, then go about his business

      this being an alternative to having to reinstall fresh copies on HM2 every time you want to disable an installed mod

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  40. Locking masks for some levels is really good idea. Would be great to see it, especially if you could lock more than one mask.
    I'm already planning to do a campaign using the level editor, so I have some questions about it:

    1. Will it be possible to put in a cutscene more than one sprite of jacket, every in different mask?
    2. What about making boss levels? Will it be possible? Or at least will be able to use the gang leader from the subway level or the prison boss?

    Well, good luck making the editor because I'm really looking forward this. Would be great to get the answer.

    1. 1. You will not be able to put masks on any NPCs, sadly.
      2. All the bosses are kinda tied to the levels they're in, so they won't be available.

  41. Will we be able to use the meth labs from Withdrawal in our custom levels?

    1. It's a difficult decisions as there only are explosions for rooms of a certain size, which is quite limiting. For now we have removed them from the editor.

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  43. Will it be possible to make a level that has an escape sequence similar to HM1's Crackdown? To clarify, at the end of Crackdown, a SWAT team would storm the building and snipers are set outside, both of which were impervious to damage, and you had to dodge them in order to escape. Would this be possible given the limitations of the editor? Piggybacking off of that, if it is possible to do that, would it also be possible to bring back the SWAT officers from the original game for that purpose? Perhaps also the snipers too, assuming either of these are feasible?

    Also, if I may also ask, a sprite editor may be really really far in the distance, but is there any support for custom sprites for "static" things, say furniture or tilesets?

    Regardless, I can say honestly that I'm really excited for this and I can't wait for it to come out!

    1. The SWAT team will sadly not return for the editor, and the custom levels in the game work as such that you have to kill all the enemies to beat them.

      As for custom graphics, I saw Dennis tweet something about a fan made graphics modifier which may allow players to make their own mods. We will also look into doing something with custom graphics, but I'm not sure what rules there are about offensive content etc, so I'm not sure how problematic it would be.

    2. Any chance of objective-won levels in a future update, or is it probably not going to happen?

      Evan stealthing was fun.

  44. 1. I understand you guys aren't going to be adding new sprites so that All Characters can fight all enemies and the weapons from the first game but, if possible would you be willing to work with fans by adding in user made sprites for those animations as official patches over time?
    2.I know that if this happens it'll be far in the future but,I have to ask: Have you guys considered giving the community the option to make full on mods? like code wise and game changing? adding in custom characters with custom abilities?
    3.will it be possible to recreate levels such as "Dead Ahead" and "Into the pit"? I.E. having the camera shake a bit,having the outside and inside water backgrounds and, being able to make levels in the sewers?
    4.Continue to be awesome,take your time on what you're doing. I can't wait to see what masterpieces you guys produce in the future.Enjoy your break afterwards.

    1. 1. I can't say right now, drawing the sprites is a big part of the workload but the code for implementing them is also quite time consuming.
      2. No, I wish this was something I could commit to, but I have no idea how to do it, and I feel that working on the level editor is complicated enough to make my brain hurt.
      3. The sewers will probably be off limits, the water effect there consumes a lot of video memory and it could potentially cause a lot of problems.
      4. Thanks dude!

  45. So, um, would the level editor's Jacket be able to use all (or most) of the masks he used in Hotline Miami 1 or just the Richard mask?

    1. PS: If a sprite editor were to be released (whether it be sometime in the future or not) and function on enemies, the issue of not being able to fight all factions is likely to be obsolete.

  46. Hey, thanks for your hard work, guys! Can't wait to mess around with the editor. Got a few questions though.

    1. Will you re-add throwing weapons from HM1? You know, brick, hammer, dart and etc. That was quite a lot of fun in the first game.
    2. Will it be possible fot other characters in the game to use chainsaw as a weapon or is it Alex&Ash only feature?
    3. Not a question, but rather an odd idea. Make explosive barrels! :D
    4. Can we spawn new enemies via triggers/frames?
    5. Is it possible to customize the ranking system of the levels? I mean to set our own scores for grades/times and etc.
    6. As for city scrolling animation I wonder if we will be able to choose between the default level intro and the one that has blood covering the screen like in Final Cut.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for answers!

    1. 1. No, we don't have any plans for that right now.
      2. It's exclusive to the swans.
      3. Haha, I think that would be a bit weird in context of the game.
      4. Nope, the triggers/frames are for cutscenes only. Maybe we could look into it in the future, but for now it looks doubtful.
      5. Right, thanks for reminding me! You will be able to add a max score for S rank, the rest of the grades will be calculated automatically from that.
      6. Yes, that would be cool. I'll do my best to add it.

    2. Thanks for answers, Jonatan!
      Hey, while we're at it, I wonder if level designers will be able to use multiple translations in cutscenes like in the game? Something I completely forgot to adress in my original post.

      Well, it's a shame about chainsaw. :P I think people would be really happy to see every weapon in the game available for each character. That would add a lot to variety of the game, really hope to see that in future updates (if you plan any), but for now everything looks awesome just the way it is.

      Thanks for your work and being in touch with the fans!

  47. Since Dennis said something about a sprite editor, will we be able to add new furniture, weapons, characters, Enemies, etc like that with the sprite editor?

    Also, will their be some feature etc that allows us to implement things so they can be used in the Level Editor (Like Making a "Dodger" enemy for the Police that is similar to the SWAT from the First Game etc)

    Will You be able to add in Shower Heads, Drains, the Floors from Crackdown and Numerous Other Chapters in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number LE or will that be part of a future update/stuff we have to add ourselves via the Sprite Editor/GameBaker Decompiler

    1. 1. I don't know how the sprite editor would work, when it would be released or if it's possible for us to do at this point. We're going to look into it. I think Dennis was referring to people already having modded graphics in the game.
      2. Can't say at this point.
      3. Maybe, I'll try to add as much as time permits.

  48. Why won't editor make it to consoles?

    1. It's a bit complicated, it has to do with security, content management and also would be hard to use without a mouse.

  49. That hidden character is either Payday crossover, the skater looking guys from the artwork, or the janitors. Anyway it will probably be great like everything else you guys have made.

  50. When it was released a level editor ?

  51. Will we be able to use water backgrounds like in "Dead Ahead"?

    1. As far as i know, the water isn't a background. It is a animated tile. just like wooden floor or asphalt.

    2. Oh alright, good to know

    3. The water effect in Dead Ahead is generated by code and some sprites, I'll see if I can add it to the backgroudns.

  52. Can we make Custom masks
    and released a level edito

    1. Custom masks maybe in the future, but they would be cosmetic only.

  53. So, on the topic of intros, could we place the player in area, then they fight their way out to their car?

    1. All enemies have to be killed to complete a floor/level. Might make this optional in the future, if people really want us to.

    2. Okay, I have another question.

      Could we making branching campaigns; like the alternate endings for Overdose?

  54. Hey Cactus? I had a few questions about the level editor if you don't mind me asking.

    (I) Will the Level Editor allow for use of Custom Music, eg: I want Superhero by Faith no More to play in a custom level? Can I do that?

    (II) Will the Playable Characters retain their special abilities, can you assign them a special ability.

    (III) Will the Special Secret Character have a Special Ability?

    (IV) Will the Scene Maker work as a Movie Maker eg: I want to make a Hotline Miami film using it.

    (V) How is the Testing, Bug Finding Process of the Level Editor exactly going? I know a lot of people are asking you about when it is coming, I'm here to ask how the actual work is going and how hard is it? Is it fun, is it tiresome, a lot of bugs?

    That's all I've got to ask, I hope you a nice day Mr Söderström, Mr Wedin.
    Oh and extra question?

    (VI) Could I become a Janitor like you guys, I want to set up my own 50 Blessings Branch in Ireland. "America is a Tune and it Must Be Sung Together."

    "Peace you Patriots, for I was Born in the USA."

    1. 1. I'm very confused by copyrights issues on this. Apparently it's ok for some games to do this? I have no idea why.
      2. They will have the same special abilities as in the game.
      3. I won't spoil anything.
      4. No, you will be able to make cutscenes.
      5. I'm working on it alone right now, as soon as it's working properly we'll start trying to find bugs.
      6. :o

    2. Thanks for the reply Mr Soderstrom...So ugh...Question Six is that a Yes or a No?

  55. Hey Cactus, i have a few question for you =)
    1. Is there a limit to the amount of levels in campaign ??
    2. NPC in cutscene can kill you ?
    3. Biker can throw knifes ?
    4. Do you like to hurt other people ?

    1. 1. 99 I guess, not sure.
      2. Yes, that's the idea.
      3. Yep!
      4. No.

  56. will it be possible to use music from Digital Edition in the editor?

    1. Probably not, seeing as those files will not be available for other users.

  57. Hey cactus. I have few questions about Jacket in the editor.

    1. Will you guys bring back standing executions?
    2. Will Jacket be able to execute as fast as you press the button? (like in first game with some melee)
    3. Crowbar?
    4. Guns with Tony mask?

    Also one simple request.
    Please bring back ability to put down weapon instead of throwing it.

    Thanks for such wonderful game and keep up good work.

    1. 1) We will try to add that yes!
      2) He will be as fast as the other characters.
      3) Doubt it.
      4) Yes.

      Hmm, I'll think about adding the drop weapon feature.

  58. Hey Cactus, just a few questions.

    1. How hard would it be to implement a custom music player? It is completely legal to use copyrighted music in these mods as long as these mods aren't being sold or used for profit in any way.

    2. Which of Jacket's masks will return in the editor?

    3. Do each of Jacket's masks have a cutscene sprite?

    4. Will ALL of the factions have the ducking enemy? I'm finding it hard to visualize what, say, the police ducking enemy would be.

    5. Have all the enemy factions that each character fights been added for the characters? A couple characters were missing enemy factions in the editor currently in the game (The Fans were missing the Mafia, Pardo was missing the Colombians and the Police, etc.)

    6. If so, have all the missing animations and sprites been added into the factions? Certain kills (such as the Son's katana execution on Guards) were bugged and spawned a different placeholder sprite.

    7. What was the hardest thing to do to make the level editor?

    8. Did you use similar software to make the levels of the game itself?

    Thanks for all your time and effort.

    1. 1) How do you know it's legal? I haven't found any official guidelines for this.
      2) Pretty much all of them.
      3) No, that would be too much work.
      4) Nope, just the ones that are already in the game.
      5) Yeah, they will be available upon release. Do note that the rat will only be fighting the mafia, since the prison/guard version of him are not available.
      6) Whoops. We should fix that.
      7) It's a bit of a tie between the cutscene editor and getting the campaign to load a full set of levels. Probably the cutscene editor was a bit harder.
      8) No, we used Game Maker's built in editor which is a lot less convenient.

    2. https://www.youtube.com/yt/copyright/fair-use.html#yt-copyright-four-factors

      Above are brief explanations of American and Swedish Fair Use laws. There is an extremely small chance that a case involving the game would be dragged into a courtroom, and that case would easily be won by you. Both American and Swedish Fair Use laws permit what would be suggested (custom, presumably copyrighted music). Swedish law, AFAIK, is generally more permissive when it comes to Fair Use than American Law, and you definitely would not be punished for any infractions under any government's Fair Use laws anywhere in the world, since you only added the tools to allow custom music.

      A couple more questions:

      1. Couldn't Jacket's Cutscene masks just be the masks from the mask select screen scaled up?

      2. Which of Jacket's masks have lost their abilities?

      3. Which factions can Jacket, Biker and [NAME REDACTED] fight?

      Thank you for your time, patience and dedication in making the level editor. I hope to see it soon.

  59. I forgot to ask this earlier: Will Jacket retain his traditional abilities such as the stand excution and being able to take hostages?

    1. We're thinking about doing stand up executions, but hostages will probably be left out.

  60. I do apologize for this additional question, but will we be able to make "outdoor" levels ala The Soldier's levels where he's in the Jungle?

    1. There will be outdoors environments available, yes.

  61. level editor will come out 1.6.2015

  62. Hey guys! Just wanted to say i super psyched about the editor! And I was wondering, how will the levels be distributed? like upon uploading, can you put them in categories that will be chosen. Or will it be up to the community to hand pick the good ones from the steam workshop?

    Thanks again, and keep rocking on dudes!

    1. I think there will be a rating system on the steam workshop. But I've never used steam workshop so I don't know really.

  63. is level editor will come out on 3.6.2015 or 4.6.2015

  64. In the original game there were only two problems. First is a small variety of enemies. Second - I was a little bit dissapointed about bosses. In addition, in my custom level I need to create my own bosses. Can I create my own bosses and enemies? PS I dont think i am good at english.Sorry for mistakes.

    1. NOPE, you cant, but there are always modders

    2. People complained about the bosses in the first game changing the flow of the game, so we wanted to integrate them into the regular levels in the second.
      A 'create your own boss' feature would be really hard to add to the editor, both design wise and coding it would take a lot of time.

  65. I have a new questions :)
    1 - Aubrey mask. In hotline miami 1 more guns effect. In editor also more guns effect ?
    2 - The Henchman begins a level with a unique silenced pistol ?
    3 - Mafia available for Fans? Columbians available for Manny ? Guards available for Rat?
    4 - Can you made Mafia available for The pig butcher ?
    5 - Can we use the Jacket in his jacket as a NPC
    6 - The secret character use masks ?
    7 - The pig butcher have escape vehicle ?

    That's all. You and Dennis are best ^_^

    1. 1) Yes, we'll try to add that.
      2) Yeah, I think so.
      3) Rat will only have Mafia for now.
      4) Probably not.
      5) Yes.
      6) Not telling.
      7) Golf cart most likely.

  66. Just a few questions for you, feel free to skip any questions that you don't want to answer.

    1. Are all of Jacket's masks making a return? I don't see how some like Willem will fit into the game.
    2. Will the Yellow Walls from the first game be making an appearance in the editor?
    3. Can you have entrances to 2 different floors on the same floor?
    4. Are music triggers specific to cutscenes only?
    5. When you say that the level editor will come by the end of Spring, do you mean June 1st or June 21st?

    Thanks for being so dedicated to your fans, I am impressed that you have been able to work on this for so long without faltering.

    1. I just have a few more questions, again, feel free to skip some.

      6. Will stationary melee enemies be included, I noticed they were missing from the alpha editor.
      7. Will enemy factions be allowed in cutscenes with a character who can't fight them?
      8. Lastly, will we be able to make things like phones or notes?

      Thanks again, and sorry for the amount of questions I have, my hype is taking over my mind. I've even got a calendar to mark the days till the release of the editor.

      Alright, I'm out of here.

    2. 1) All of them will be there, but I think a few may be missing their perks.
      2) In a future update, quite possibly.
      3) Yes.
      4) Yes, but you can now add cutscenes to regular levels as well.
      5) As soon as it's done. We thought it would be out by now to be honest, but we got a lot of good suggestions that we wanted to add.
      6) Maybe in a future update, I don't want to mess with the AI before the editor's out.
      7) Yes, you will be able to use any character sprites in the cutscenes.
      8) Yes, that's the plan.

    3. Thanks man! Good luck to you.

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  68. Maybe we take back to Richter his gun ?

  69. I like it, had no idea the level editor was in full swing!

    But from what I read I want to know 2 things:

    1) Can I make a level with a Hard mode? So I could make a level/campaign and have a copy with chainsaw guys/more fat guys and mirrored perhaps, and set it to normal or hard when I play? Is that in?

    2) The Flamethrower during the soldier's levels, can that be picked up and used by other characters and put in levels? From what I read about NPC interaction, it sounds like you'd have to draw all the characters on fire and player characters wearing the flamethrower. But this would be awesome!


    1. 1) No hard mode feature planned for the editor, sorry. Maybe in a future update, but I can't promise anything.
      2) It will only be available for the soldier, sorry!

  70. Hey Cactus, it's possible to use, the original soundtrack from HM2 on the Level Editor? And one more thing, about adding campaign levels, if anything said until now it's right (create scene, acts, etc) it's possible to create a new end to HM 2 story ?
    Ps. Almost forgot, it's possible to modify the own campaign acts and scenes?

    1. You will be able to use any song from the HM2 soundtrack yes. And you will be able to create a new end to your own HM2 story.
      You will not be able to modify the game's regular levels as they were not built with the editor.

    2. Thanks for the answer, keep up the good work.
      (Gonna make all my levels with the same song hue).

  71. Svar
    1. The spring haven't finish, be patient

    2. Sorry we're running a bit late, we're doing the best we can!

    3. Sorry for my english, im a young mexican
      PS:Great story

  72. Sorry for the questons, but if you dont mind to respond i would be happy thanks,
    Can you give us a clue for the name of the new character?
    like, what is the final letter of the name?,PLEASE, THANKS A LOT, I loved your game, thanks for everything you made keep going, you guys are awesome.

    1. Haha sorry, you'll have to wait for release!

    2. Den här kommentaren har tagits bort av skribenten.

    3. Well, okay, I'll wait, anyway thanks for all this

  73. please implement the rewind and fast forward feature because its pretty important
    also maybe consider adding preset maps for example.
    Jackets house, the fans bar, the sons building. so we don't have to build them everytime

  74. I'll do my best to add rewind/ffw, but each feature I add means a delayed release, so I can't add everything. I'm the only programmer on this. Preset maps we should be able to upload on the website after release.

    1. Why not just release the level editor to make the fans happy and if you need to add something just update it? Just wondering

    2. The editor still has common glitches or bugs, besides, I think it should be here when it's ready that way we can enjoy it more, but if they release it now there would be bugs and you would like to do more in the editor.

  75. Den här kommentaren har tagits bort av skribenten.

    1. I apologize for asking, I'm sure you've been hearing it a lot these past couple days

  76. Dear cactus I would like to ask a few questions
    1 ) What is your favorite character in the game ?
    2 ) Secret character Cactus and Dennis or fucking a werewolf?
    3 ) What does the screensaver HLM HLM 3 after passing the 2 ?
    4 ) Will you please its fans with new great games like Hotline Miami?
    5 ) The last question , you were in Miami ?
    Success in creating a level editor,
    You and Dennis are great people !

  77. Another question is whether it is possible to use the level editor composition
    1 ) Jasper Byrne- Miami
    2 ) MOON- Dust

  78. Question: Can Jacket go against the police like in the first game? Or is it only the White Russians? Because for my editor I really want Brandon to run into the anniversary meeting of the Miami PD Massacre of 1989 and fuck everyone up and kill the last surviving officers of the attack, in my story HM2 was a movie loosely based on actual events that took place after the first, and a group called the Acolytes dress as Jacket, wear some of his masks, and base in his apartment and call each other by the mask name, thanks! You guys need a break

    1. Your story sounds cool Captain Hatter
      PS: I'm not going to steal your idea

  79. QUESTION: Is it possible to make dialogue for each mask? Like have each one talk, the sprites are already there, I don't know how hard it would be to implement, but it would be AWESOME!

  80. I see that two of the NPCs in one of the screenshots are labeled "patrol". When one places one of these NPCs, will we be able to choose a specific patrol path, or will the NPC just walk around broadly? If the latter is the case, is the selection of specific patrols going to be implemented in the future?

  81. So, i readed that in a future update you could make custom masks but as a cosmetic, my question is, DO you confirmed it?
    Sorry if i annoyed you with this question
    Thank you again

  82. Can you change the background color (like Trauma or hard mode) ?

    1. Cactus saids that hardmode is not planned, and maybe in a future update.
      And Trauma he saids, no, sorry?

    2. sorry for the interogation sign, i type by accident, dunno how

    3. I meant change the background color to another one besides the default one like where in hard mode it's dark blue and in trauma it's yellow.

  83. ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o) MMH SPAM
    Sorry for that!
    I won't do it again

  84. what about fonts? can we have another one besides the default, like say, the font from the first game?

  85. Hey cactus, i have some questions about the level editor.

    1. Will the Sledgehammer and the Billard Queue return for te level editor.

    2. Can we use the Drug Trip Sprites from Apocalypse? ( Like the Three Head Dogs and the other optical stuff)

    3. In the first Hotline Miami there were some sitting enemies like the sitting thugh on the Toilett and the Mafia Guys sitting on a Couch. Why aren't they in HM 2 and will They return for the level editor?

    Thats it and thanks for the anwers.
    Im looking forward for the level editor. Bye

    1. Oh, a question.
      Can we use the Atomic Blast animation in our cutscenes?

  86. Would we be able to use corpse sprites in the game? Like have a bunch of mobster bodies in a room during a level or cutscene?

  87. Does the level editor still save information about maps in the savefiles? It would cause the save files to bloat and corrupt causing lag while playing.

  88. I don't want to look pushy or anything, but spring is already over, it's second week of June, yet not even a scrap of news.

    1. Comon man, spring ends at 1 July.
      I know is hard but just be patient.
      OKAY mate ;)

    2. Not even a scrap of news? He's been updating this blogpost with news about it and been answering our questions, where were you?

  89. You say that Jacket will have all mask. How about Jake? he will throw weapons and kill more than one man?
    What will be different jacket masked by Richter from Richter?